I am getting ready to deliver a talk on “Creating Visibility on Google” in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia to a group of Realtors®. Most people want to have their business first page Google, but very few are actually willing to do the work to get there.

In case you are wondering, there is no real secret sauce for going first page Google. There is no “One Thing” that you can do to get there. In actuality, it is several things done consistently over time that gets the job done. And this is where many simply give up or hire others to do it for them.


It is my opinion that anyone can have a web asset on first page Google if they are willing to do the work. I did an experiment over 6 months that landed me the first 4 pages of Google except for 4 listings from others. What was my secret? Consistency. Who ever feeds Google will show up in search some where. If you don’t feed Google, you absolutely will not show up the way you want to in search.

How to get on First page Google – some ideas for you to think about:

  • Help Google understand everything that you are putting up on the Web. If Google does not know what that object is, it will have a hard time knowing what to do with it.
  • Google is not rolling the dice to see who gets on first page. You need to earn the right to be there.
  • You need to figure where the eye balls are and plan to show up there. Don’t show up well in the woods. Plan for Main Street.
  • You need to pick a battle that you can actually win when it comes to showing up in search. Consider what you have for resources.
  • You need to employ several different strategies that will collectively help you show up better. This is the kind of information that you pay me to teach you.
  • You need to be committed for the long haul. First page Google success is usually not gotten over night. You need to build momentum and keep the process going.
  • You need to involve real people in the process who will support you along your journey.

I will be expanding on these themes in a greater way tonight and actually showing Realtors® what they need to do, and how to do it. My only question is this… “Who will be diligent enough to put a plan into action?” I hope that they are willing to do the work to show up well.

Let me encourage you with this thought… “You can do well on Google if you are willing to do what is needed to show up.” For me, I only wish that I knew several years previously what I now know. But that’s water under the bridge.

For you, there is work to be done, but you are well able to do it. Oprah said it best when she said… “When you know better, you do better.” Here’s wishing you that you will do better; and that you do the work that will get you there.

By the way, here’s a video I recorded on my results of the 6 month experiment: