Here are some testimonials from my Toronto clients:

Ward Clapham

VP Absolute Software; Retired RCMP Superintendent & Transit Police Chief; Speaker & Author of Lead BIG

Jeff is one of the best social media trainers and consultants I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge in the area of social media, internet and computers is simply outstanding. He constantly developing himself to the newest trends and changes.

His coaching and teaching style is fun, pleasing, smooth and consistent. He gets and keeps your attention. I fully recommend Jeff Brown as your social media coach, consultant and trainer.

Scott Mills

Social Media Adviser to IT Committee at Crime Stoppers International

Integrity, knowledge and patience are the three best words to describe Jeff Brown. Jeff is a dedicated community volunteer who has extensive knowledge and expertise in social media platforms for community success and safety worldwide.

Jeff is the creator of the Crime Stoppers International Facebook Leave A Tip tab. Jeff works tirelessly to maintain and update the functionality of this tab, which is a very valuable tool to help stop, solve and prevent crime together worldwide in a community led partnership for anonymous tips with local police and media worldwide.

Jeff’s best asset is his calm and patient demeanor. Anyone working with Jeff or receiving training from Jeff on social media platforms will walk away with the confidence, knowledge and expertise they need to engage their mission and accomplish their goals. If they have follow up questions, Jeff is one of the most accessible people you will meet. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question he will find out for you in timely and accurate manner.

Jeff is a large reason why Crime Stoppers programs worldwide are becoming more and more effective to save lives. In short, Jeff Brown saves lives with his knowledge and dedication to the community.