Why Businesses need to Capture Social Media Testimonials

Every business needs to capture social media testimonials from their customers. These testimonials can help instill confidence in other potential customers, and help others understand what you can do for them.

It all comes down to this on social media… “What others say about you matters more than what you say about yourself.”

When customers brag about your business, and they should brag about your business to others if you do a great job, then you should capture their comments. Here is an example from Twitter:

Please remember that customers tend to not trust advertising and what we say about our business. I hope you can see why traditional advertising is not as effective today as other media, to the tune of about 60%. I have seen it quoted much lower at 14% in different articles.

But when your customers brag about your business, and their friends hear it or see it, then you can create a lot of “street cred” for your business. The trust that your customer has for your business can be transferred to their friends. This makes doing business with you easier.

So make sure you capture those social media posts and turn them into testimonials.

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