Here are some testimonials from my Halifax clients:

Lorrie Boylen

Writing Web Content, Newsletters, White Papers, Case Studies, Blog Posts, Articles, Corporate Storytelling, Professional Bios, Special Reports and More

I took the WordPress 1 training course with Jeff Brown earlier this year. At that time, I had a sad little Weebly website that I wasn’t doing anything with. I knew I needed more to keep The Google Monster happy, and I’d heard WordPress was the way to go, however, I was scared to death of WordPress. Seriously. I cannot adequately express to you the depths of my terror.

I decided to go forward, regardless. What did I have to lose except my sanity, and who cares if I make myself look like a fool?

Jeff was very patient with the class, taking whatever time was necessary to thoroughly explain things, and doing it with style and humour. He generously made himself available before and after class to clarify any questions we had. The WordPress material I was so scared of was actually interesting and fun, and I was able to create my own WordPress site. Wow! I can’t tell you what that did for my self confidence!

I’m just finishing up Jeff’s WordPress 2 course, where we are delving deeper into the behind the scenes stuff that goes into making a website show up on the first page of a search, including tips on how to make our websites load as quickly as possible, keyword research, the upcoming release of Gutenberg, website security, Google Analytics, and much, much more.

I now have the tools to make my freelance health and business writer website go vroom-vroom and attract my ideal clients. I’ve also been working on a site for a local non-profit community group where I am a board member, AND I’ve been hired to build and write two business websites in the coming months.

If you had told me last winter that before the end of the year I would have two live WordPress websites built from the ground up, I would have said you were crazy, but here I am, killin’ it with my mad skills.

I highly recommend Jeff’s Workplace Education courses. You’ll learn and ton and have fun doing it.

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Mary Keddy

Communications & Marketing Officer, AYC Committee of Management

I just completed Jeff’s 12-week WordPress1 program – an excellent learning experience! Jeff taught us to think beyond technical aspects of merely “hanging pages” within a web site and showed us how to develop a site that will appear in the top position of Google search results – thereby helping us gain competitive advantage and grow our business.

In addition to being a subject matter expert, Jeff makes the classroom environment comfortable with his ability to relate to each individual on their level while keeping the learning fun, interesting and relevant for the entire group. He is also very conscious about providing us low/no-cost tools that are user friendly.

Thank you to Jeff for your excellent program and delivery, and to the Spryfield Business Commission and NS Labour and Advanced Education for providing the opportunity to enroll in Jeff’s program.

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Bud Baker

Owner at TAK Business Group

Jeff Cares. I am finishing up my second class with Jeff (Advanced Social Media). When you take Jeff’s class, you become part of his team and build your online networks. Jeff’s passion for his work makes him take pride in your success.

Many of the most well known local business on social media are Alpha alumni.

Jeff’s classes don’t just teach you social media, they show you how to create a plan to grow your business.

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Phil Wall

Owner at Silver Fern Inc.

I recently completed a 10 week / 40hr course, training myself and others in advanced social media. The course was spectacular. Specifically, the content Jeff shared was current. The way in which Jeff presented the information was spectacular, very interactive, conversational, and relatable. Basically Jeff is an awesome teacher.

What was also very important to me is that Jeff has the fruit on the tree. He has “current” results. He has been in the industry / field of social media for many years on a number of platforms, he is consistently growing, and pushing himself to stay ahead of whats next.

Always looking and probing for any advantage he can give his students, to implement in their business to help them advance forward quickly in their industry with significant results. To conquer the seemingly unreachable page #1 position on Google among other things. If this is your Mission. Jeff’s course will get you there.

Thanks Jeff for breaking the boundaries in Social media and passing that knowledge forward.

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Glynis Brogan

Consultant at Premium Auto Sales

I have had the pleasure of taking two 10 week Social Media Training courses from Jeff Brown with Alpha Social Media. Both courses were tailored to the needs and knowledge levels of the class participants and Jeff always found specific examples to make the material relevant to the various industries of the students. It is obvious that Jeff loves what he does and imparts his extensive knowledge with enthusiasm and skill.

The non-intimidating class atmosphere created by Jeff facilitates learning in a fun and friendly environment. Jeff is continually staying abreast of all developments in social media and Jeff incorporates the latest trends and products in his class material. I can highly recommend social media training with Jeff Brown at Alpha Social Media

Lori Fulton

Realtor at RE/MAX nova

Jeff Brown and his company were hired to do a 10 week Social Media Class for people interested in learning more. I signed up and I’m so glad I did. It has been a very informative, helpful and eye opening experience. Jeff taught us mainly about Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook but introduced us to so many tips, tricks and ideas. It was so helpful both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Jeff. His knowledge is amazing.

Dorothy Dunnington

Mortgage Consultant at The Mortgage Centre/ Rod MacInnis Mortgages

Jeff is a great instructor for all levels wishing to learn more about social media. I took his beginner course and have learned how to set up and best use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for my business. I have learned how to best utilize my time spent on social media and what types of things work. I am looking forward to taking his advanced class in the fall. Jeff has an easy hands on approach that has really worked for me. Thanks for your patience Jeff!

Tracey MacCharles, CHRP

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. Human Resources

Are you looking for an energetic leader of social media to take your business to the next level? I was, and I found him! Before registering, I researched programs and Jeff Brown came up again and again! As a student of the Social Media Training in Business program, I have now witnessed first hand why Jeff is a leader in his field. He has increased my effectiveness in business networking. If you are looking to take your career to the next level, Jeff is the person who can lead you there!

Sandra Banfield

Senior Strategist, Social Marketing – Owner at Netwurx Social Media

Having been a participant in Jeff Brown’s social media for business program I would highly recommend Jeff to others! Jeff creates an open learning atmosphere, going over important technical details that everyone in business should know about managing their social media channels. Jeff energetically delivers his training peppered with humor & quick wit, keeping the learning process fun & interesting. It made a key difference in the way I will provide great social media service for my clients.

Louise Cornish, MBA

Chief Operating Officer at Nova Emergency Medicine Organization (CDHA/Dal Faculty of Medicine)

Jeff, this Social Media 1 class has been an eye-opener!! You have taken the terror out of Twitter, and helped me understand how I can use a variety of social media tools to benefit our Emergency Department and my own consulting business. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in a fun and encouraging environment. You have adeptly answered all of our questions, and made this relevant to everyone in the class-regardless of their organization. I look forward to the next sessions!

Brad McRae

Director, Atlantic Leadership Development Institute

I had the pleasure of hearing Jeff Brown present on using social media to better market my business. Jeff not only has a tremendous grasp of the content ─ he is able to explain how it works so everyone one in the audience can understand how to use it.

As an added bonus, Jeff is one of the most engaging speakers I have seen. I am the co-author of The Seven Strategies of Master Presenter, in which we interviewed 28 of the best speakers in North America, which is quite a compliment indeed!

Lea Brovedani

Preferred Partner at Six Seconds

Jeff presented a seminar to our CAPS members on Social Media. By the end of the day all of us had set up new accounts and were completely comfortable (and much more knowledgeable) about how to use Social Media to market our business. Not only that but we had a lot of fun.

Jeff has a great sense of humour and a warm and engaging speaking style that immediately connects him to his audience.

The only question I have for Jeff is “When can we do another workshop?” Kudos for a superb job.

Paul Crossman

Vice President & Social Media Communications at Transportation Maintenance & Technology Assocation

I attended an international conference for Crime Stoppers in Halifax and had the pleasure of having Jeff speak on The Social Network and its impact on society. He so impressed me that I have reviewed his site many times and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Always willing to discuss all things ‘Social’ Jeff is a true leader in his field. I would recommend any organization that needs guidance in Social Media to engage Jeff and Alpha Computer Training as an industry expert!

Daniel Almon

Owner at AlmonTravel

Jeff Brown brings an absolute wealth of information to his classes and freely shares it, taking time to be sure that participants successfully reach the levels he is promoting. He is quite open to repeat attendance at other courses if repeat teaching is needed to reinforce learning.

My website in the past had very few hits, nor did my blogs, but since I have integrated Twitter and LinkedIn – both very ably taught by Jeff – to my promotions, I can see much more exposure to my expertise in the Travel Industry. At this point, it has not yet translated into sales but expect that exposure will, very soon, open up more opportunities for my travel business at Almontravel.

Juanita Hiscock

Microsoft Office Corporate Trainer – JH TRAINING SERVICE

Jeff is Mr. Social Media. I have a pleasure to work with Jeff on various workplace education programs, and as an Instructor myself, I truly believe you need to know and love what you do, and no one speaks to this more than Jeff.

He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and current with everything he deliveries. Social Media is so important in the workplace now and Jeff knows how to move companies forwards because he is living proof that Social Media works.

Susan Skinner

AMPMortgage Broker at TMG The Mortgage Group

I met Jeff Brown during a training session to introduce my workplace to Social Media. My knowledge of the impact SM can have was minimal; Jeff helped to open my eyes to the possibilities that embracing Social Media can have on my business.

It the the place of the future. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, patient and has great ideas on how to use Social Media in our everyday world, both professionally and personally.

When thinking of anyone I have met in the Social Media craze, I think of Jeff Brown.

Matt Wheeler

Mortgage Broker / Co-Owner for Verico Atlantic Nova Mortgage

Jeff Brown has developed a Social Media training program that is among the best in the Country. At the same time, he’s constantly tweaking and improving upon the program to stay current with today’s ever changing tech. world.

Combing an unmatched passion for his work, with a great teaching personality, Jeff has created a training environment that you cannot get enough of. Although Jeff will be the first to tell you that Social media is not everything, and will never replace face 2 face interaction, it has clearly become an important tool in today’s business world.

I would certainly recommend Jeff Brown to anyone looking to better understand the Social Media world, and/or gain an advantage over their competition.

Dana Sharkey

Cosmetology Executive and Entrepreneur

I have had the pleasure of spending 12 weeks with an amazing Social Media Guru…

I saw a refreshing change in the attitude of all who attended the class, excitement, a true willingness and want to learn more. The knowledge I have gained has truly impacted my Business in the most positive way, we are growing, increasing daily and more and more people know, who we are!!!

I highly recommend Jeff to any company. He is well worth spending our valuable time with and is truly the best in Social Media, dependable, timely, approachable and always brings his knowledge (which is immense) and smile to share with all.

Thank you Jeff, for an incredible learning adventure…

PS – I cannot wait to refresh and learn more in the future, with Alpha Social Media..