Here are some testimonials from my Dartmouth clients:

Emmanuella Symeonaki


Jeff is a very talented instructor with amazing teaching technic.
In our industry social skills are not just essential but totally vital for the survival & growth of our business. Jeff’s possesses not only the knowledge to demonstrate how & why social media is a powerful tool but he also has the talent to train & help us understand the process, the do’s & don’t, the whole “navigation system” in all it’s complexity in a very simple way.

Learning through Jeff is as easy as breathing! Pleasant, personable and very patient, I believe Jeff is the “social media” instructor par excellence.

Lynne (Hooper) Illsley

Future Projects for Illsley Contracting Limited

Jeff has taken me from a basic computer user to now having my own web site, having a Facebook page and even connecting on LinkedIn and tweeting ever so often.

Jeff has shown me how to write my own code and create things the way I want them to look. For most of you, these items might not be a big accomplishment, but to 60+ person, these are things that I never dreamed I would be doing.

Jeff is very patient and always keeps us up on all the changes…especially the almost daily changes in Facebook. You would not go wrong having Jeff Brown in your camp.

Roy Rissanen

Realtor at RE/MAX nova

As clients and business move, not only on-line, but into social networking platforms it is important to understand what kind of presents you and and your business has there. Not to mention how the public perceives you and your interactions with them and others.

Jeff provides an energetic and interactive approach to exploring your foray into this ever growing medium.

Natalie Dwyer-Edinger

Sales consultant & team leader at RE/MAX nova

We were so lucky that RE/MAX nova hired Jeff to instruct their agents on the values of using social media as part of our business. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic & very patient with those whose computer knowledge is limited.

We have already experienced an increase in sales that we can relate to our social media efforts as a result of Jeff’s courses.

Kristen Harper

REALTOR® at RE/MAX Nova and Interior Decorator at Harper House Interiors

Jeff facilitated a beginners social media class for RE/MAX nova which I attended for 12 weeks. I could not have asked for a better instructor.

He was extremely knowledgeable and had the patience of a saint. There was never a moment that Jeff was not laughing and joking with us while still instructing us in a professional manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Shauna Boyle


Jeff has been involved in training me and other colleagues in social media for our businesses.

He seems to always have new and relevant information and is an amazing resource for all things related to social media. He’s managed to take the fear out of social media for many of us and I have learned volumes from him. He knows how to make the subject matter relevant, interesting, useful and fun.

If you need to learn anything about social media, I can’t imagine anyone having more to offer. Jeff Brown is THE guy you want on your team.

John Linders

BScEng, BEd, MEdThe

Jeff Brown has opened my eyes to the power of social media in business recreation and community building, just to name a few areas. He is a master educator and coach.

Jeff’s teaching and coaching approach leaves no doubt about his passion for spreading the word of the importance of social media in business. It doesn’t matter what your present skill level is when entering Jeff’s training program, there is a learning experience for everybody.

Personally, I am walking away from Jeff’s program as a much more functional real estate agent and his training has already put money in my bank account. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful opportunity that was handed me in this work training program.

Jeff.. I will always be grateful for all your dedication and enthusiasm that shines through every word you speak in our classes…Sincerely, John

Mary Stickings


I attended a several week training session on Social Media with Jeff as it related to the real estate industry. Jeff was excellent at both training and applying current social media technologies to the industry in a way that was easy to understand, relevant and valuable.

I have taken Jeff’s teachings and applied many of his lessons to my daily business and have seen positive, direct results in a short time.

In this day and age, social media is becoming such a powerful tool for growing your business. Any organization or individual that doesn’t capitalize on it’s potential may find they start lagging the competition.

Jeff is a wonderful trainer and I look forward to taking the next level of social media training with him.

Cheryl Canning

Director of Communications RE/MAX nova

RE/MAX nova has had the pleasure of working with Jeff on numerous occasions as both Social Media instructor and computer skills instructor for our agents.

Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has the ability to teach others in a way that keeps them coming back for more. Jeff has given our agents a competitive edge in the marketplace and given them the knowledge to take their business to the next level through Social Media.

Not only has Jeff provided a valuable service to our agents, he has become a friend to all of us. Thanks Jeff!!