Elmsdale Business Video Testimonials

Elmsdale Business Testimonials

Fran Barclay

Volunteer curator for community gallery at Sweetest Little Gallery

I have taken Word Press Training and Social Media Training from Jeff. He has been unfailingly cheerful, patient and willing to give me extra time to get me through these courses. He presents in a clear concise manner, is thorough and a wealth of information.

I came to this late – in a second career I fell into. He has made it possible for me to make my way through this foreign territory and come up with a website-that works! , a Twitter account where I finally know what a hashtag is and a Facebook page that I control so I am not overwhelmed by volume. I truly can say I wouldn’t be using these tools to help market 22 other artists without him. Thank you Jeff, ­čÖé (taught me smiley too)

Check out Frans’s at Sweetest Little Gallery

Patty Smith

Canmac Watercraft & More

I have taken 3 courses with Jeff, Word Press 1 & 2 and just finished the Online Visibility course which connects all aspects of social media with our website. These courses have given me the knowledge and confidence to look after our website and incorporate social media to better our business.

I would highly recommend Jeff, he takes time to make sure that each one of us understand what he is teaching and that it makes sense to us.

I am using the tools and knowledge that Jeff has given me each day to grow our business through social media and our website.

Check out Patty’s website at Canmac Watercraft & More