I want to let you know about what happened in the course with Jeff and how it affects my business. The course was highly enjoyable and informing. Jeff is a wonderful instructor and you can tell that he really wants the participants to achieve better success with the medium of social media. You see it in the time he takes at breaks and in-between classes to give you extra help and share webinars and especially his ability to provide a webinar setting during the difficult winter for those of us who could not make it in to class so that we could still take in the class. In fact, when another event at CEED kicked us out of our classroom we went into the mall for a phone only class and you’ve probably heard by now that it was actually one of the best classes we had.

For me, I was essentially anti-social media before I began the course, but having been to the SEB programming at CEED, I knew at least that I should be open to exploring it. I am so glad that I did. I took copious notes and Jeff provided great ones as well. There was a lot of material that was impossible for a newbie like me to take in all at once, but I am confident that I can now make a plan to incorporate everything that I learned that I felt was valuable for my business. My notes include not only the material but the ideas I had in this stimulating class for applying the material I was learning.

Jeff has made me more aware of the security issues I should be concerned with that may have been holding me back from incorporating social media in my business. He gave me confidence with the settings I have and helped me open a Twitter account, which I did not have before this course. The main things that I have already implemented thanks to his course include posting and messaging about and to potential customers on a more regular basis, keeping my product list updated for customers to view, and planning photos and videos as I plan my farm activities for the upcoming growing season.

After I send this email I will be emailing some other people that want to take a course with Jeff too. It is definitely a course worth recommending.