There is nothing like video to get people talking and commenting on our social media. When we use video, we enable more of our viewer’s senses to be impacted. This will make us much more memorable to others on our social media.


Text is great for providing information, but it only engages 1 of our 5 senses. Video on the other hand, engages:

  1. Our sight and
  2. Our hearing

Two senses better than one

Two senses are better than one. The more we can impact our audience with our message, the more they will remember it, and be impacted by it. It is usually difficult for others to remember us. When we give them a video, it should create a greater long-lasting impact when we do it right.

So let us really think about using video in 2015. Let’s make our businesses much more memorable to others. Let’s give them something that is worth sharing too.

So here’s to a great day of business for you.