We cannot be “business all the time” on our social media networks. Sometimes we just need to let our hair down, and have a good laugh. We cannot go hard with business on our social media because it will wear out right slap out. Here’s why!

If we want to be well-rounded, we have to learn to work hard, and we need to learn how to have fun too. We cannot work excessively throughout the week without a break or we will burn out. There needs to be fun moments in our everyday life.

Our social media should reflect our real life to some degree. Our social media should make people smile and laugh where possible.

I put it out to simply make people smile and enjoy a moment. I like taking pictures on my dog; and this one just spoke to me. The eyes had that look as if she was staring intensely at me. I thought to myself that this could make others smile as well. And so, I posted it on social media.

How does this affect how people see me? It shows them that I have a lighter side. I like to laugh and enjoy life. I am not BUSINESS ALL THE TIME. I like to relax and share fun things with my community on my social media when I can.

I would see this bus every week in Halifax; and finally I just had to share it. From the comments of others, they enjoyed it too.

So don’t think that it is frivolous to have some fun on your social media. These wonderful moments are what makes us well-rounded individuals. They in-deer us to others. They show another side of us to others. It makes people think that we have a human side to us.

So take a moment to share something funny with us. We all need a good laugh every now and then. Make us smile and we will remember.

So here’s to a great day of business for you. Smile.

Rock your day 🙂