When it comes to using social media and an email signature together, this one little email tip can help you create more visits to your social media. When you use an email signature, every time you send an email, you could be driving traffic to your social networks.

How can email signature help your social media?

Think about how many emails you send per day. Imagine those emails being opened, and at the bottom, are links to your social media accounts. Those links are very enticing to click on. Yes, I am talking about links in the email signature.

Your email signature could give the receiver of the email a direct way to visit your social media, instead of having them search for you. If people have to search for you on social media they might get lost. Here is what I am talking about:

Social media in email signature

Email signature with text “social media” hyperlinks

Notice that the social networks are separated by the “|” key – just above the Enter Key on the right side of the keyboard. You want to make the links easily visible and easy to find.

When I originally used icons for links to my social media networks, I quickly realized that email blocks images when the email is opened. The receiver has to allow them to appear before they are functional.

email blocked images

So I decided to use links instead. They never get blocked and they always perform. They also take less room. Images always increase file size in an email.

Does all email systems provide email signatures?

Most, if not all, do. I use Microsoft Outlook 2016 for my email. I can access the signature option by clicking on “New Mail”. I can then click on the “Signature” button and then select “Signatures” from the drop down menu.

If there is not a email signature there, you will click “New” to get started. You type what you want and then save it. Also make sure you put your phone number there as well.

So how does email help your social media?

Email can drive direct traffic to your social media. People do not have to search for your networks. They just click and there they are. One of the worst things you can tel them is to SEARCH for you on social media. They might just find something else better along the way. So help your customers find you easier. Please give them a link to click on so that they can go directly to each of your social media accounts.

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