Would you like to know how to make yourself a keeper in the eyes of your social media community? Would you like to know why it could benefit your business?

When it comes to our digital marketing efforts, we can always try to PUSH our way onto more networks. For example, we can use hashtags and keywords to throw our self out there. But there is a better way to grow our social media community and get in front of those looking to us for help. What is this way? It is to make ourselves a keeper in the eyes of our social media community. Our community members are “Pulling” our information to them.

Social media community – The better way to become a keeper:

Have we ever considered being known for our wisdom and our go to advice? This would be more of a “Pull” than a “Push” dynamic. After all, social media is about Pull, and no longer about Push. We cannot push stuff down people’s throats in today’s economy anymore.

Now a days, people pull information to themselves by searching for the products and services they want. So why are we desperately trying to throw things out there just to get noticed? Why are we throwing things out there for the sake of throwing things out there?

Maybe we don’t feel like we really have much to offer others? Maybe we just don’t feel all that interesting? But let me tell you that you are interesting. Everyone has a story that is worth telling.

“Personally, I would love to see more personal thoughts coming directly from you and less link sharing. I bet that your thoughts on different matters would be real interesting. I bet your wisdom might be enlightening. I believe that you do have thoughts that can matter to those around you.”

Social media community – Are we proactive or reactive?

Today we are in a great rush to search and accumulate information; when the real value to all this is the person on the other end. Personally, I think we forget all about this, and we just frantically start blasting out our social media. I still remember a previous New Year’s resolution around this.

If it’s worth sharing, I will share it. If it’s worth writing, I will write a blog post. If it’s worth creating a video around an idea, I will make a video.”

We do not want to push out information for the sake of getting seen or filling time. We want our social media to draw others into conversations and learning moments. We want to share wisdom that draws people to us. We want to share social media wisdom that makes people go WOW!

So how will we start this day off?

Will we become a vessel of wisdom for others and share our own thoughts and insights? Or will we be one who just consumes content and shares it? There’s nothing wrong with the latter; but we will never get to see great results from our thoughts. We are just passing the thoughts of others around.

“I bet you have a real great opinion about some things that’s worth hearing. I bet you have some really good ideas around business that’s worth sharing. I bet you have some create material that you should share on social media. Let’s me urge you to share thinking of ways to get your own stuff out there.”

One of the things I have noticed in my stats is that people tend to like my material better than the stuff I share from others. Now we still need to share others content, especially when it’s brilliant. But let’s see what we can do. I bet we might be surprised how well we can do. It’s time to see our wisdom come forth. When we create our own stuff, we will matter and we help others by providing value. Now that would be worth seeing.