Here are 3 core principles that we should be thinking about when it comes to creating social media marketing posts for our business.

Here is a quick video that lays out the framework for what we are going to learn.

Social Media Marketing – Strategy

Social media marketing

When it comes to thinking about social media marketing strategy, we learn to ask this question first “What do you want from this post?”

We do not want to post anything and see what happens next. We want to put some thought into what we are about to post so that the result is in the ballpark of the original intent of the strategy.

Before we post for our social media marketing, we should ask ourselves what we want from the post. Then we can customize the post to achieve that end.

Starting off the post right is critical to the outcome. Social media basics always trump social media fluff.

Social Media Marketing – Momentum

When this post goes onto a social media network, we must think about creating post momentum. It is not good to post and run.

Let us use the analogy of a car stopped in neutral. The car is hard to push at first. But once the car starts to move, it gets easier to push. When others see the car moving, they might come along and help with the pushing. This group is our super fans. They can be found hanging around our social media a lot. Please thank them for the push.

Once the post has some momentum, other groups can come along, because everyone wants to be part of the moving car. They might even take a selfie of themselves supposedly pushing the moving car; without actually laying a hand on it LOL.

If we have taken the time to build a community around our business on social media, the initial pushing is much easier.

Social Media Marketing – A good understanding of what social media can do

Knowing the difference between what social media can do and what it cannot do is important. Social media can create great visibility and interest in our business. But social media by itself cannot create trust. That is where we come in.

Where possible, it is always best to create a great face to face impression with our customers. When they are in our place of business, it is “Go time”. It is time to WOW them. Please give them great customer service and get them bragging about what they encountered.

Our social media should be meant to complement our business activities. And our social media should not be our only marketing effort. We need to use what works for us.

When we cannot do it face to face, we have to be aware that social media has no tone. One must be careful to consider what one is posting to social media so that the desired effect is created.

In the end, we need to know that social media by itself does have limitations. We need to learn what those limitations are. These limitations are not the same for everyone. Some marketers have a gift and they exercise that gift well. The rest of us just have to work hard to make the magic happen.

Social Media Marketing – Summary

It is important to have a social media marketing plan that involves (1) strategy, (2) momentum and (3) and understanding of what social media can do for our business.

Too many businesses get set up on social media and then go, “What’s next?” The moment we ask yourself “What do I do now?” is the moment we start wasting a lot of precious time.

When it comes to social media marketing, we will be required to put some thought into our posts and get good advice along the way. We should have a plan for a post before we ever create it.

I trust this post has gotten you thinking. If it has helped you grow in your social media marketing, please share this post with other business owners. Thank you in advance.