There is great value in creating business connections. It is not so much what you know that counts, but who you know that will help your business.

Creating Business Connections

The Bottom Line for Business:

To get anywhere significant in business, you are going to have to make great business connections with others.  I am seeing this more and more everyday.  The speed of which business is moving is too fast for most to handle alone.  You need the skills of others to compliment what you are already doing.

Things to keep in mind when creating great business connections:

I have spent a good part of this Summer watching what other businesses are doing on social media. I’ve been carefully watching what the social networks are doing as I used away from a lot of posting.

Here are a few points that I noted that I believe can help you do better on social media.

  1. It is important to build business connections. We need to build trust with others threes connections.
  2. Where possible, we need to interact with others on a regular basis that is genuine and affirming. Business is not just the sale, it is enriching others around you and some tangible way.
  3. Not everyone that you connect with is going to become a valuable member of your business community. Some just come to look and see what you’re doing. Their level of commitment is low.
  4. Recognize significant members in your community and build along with them. You are looking for extra mile people, those that are doing more than looking and those who have a good work ethic.

Creating great business connections – What can you do to make this happen?

Here are a few things that I have learned this Summer that I believe can help you create great business connections:

  1. Recognize those people in your community that continually interact with you. What you found them, thank them for their faithfulness.
  2. Do something nice for these members of your community, those great business connections, to let them know that you appreciate what they’re doing.
  3. Recommend these great business connections to others on social media, and when you’re out and about in your community.
  4. Make sure that you share things of value with these individuals. If you’ve found something helpful for yourself, then this information might also be helpful to them.
  5. Where you can, take these great business connections out for coffee, or some significant event.

Creating great business connections – What will be the result of this?

What you do for others, if you’ve done your job right, they will do to you. If you are not building significant business connections with others, then you are not likely to see anyone doing something significant for your business.

Smart business knows the value of creating great business connections for their business. For example, think of the corner store grocery owner that continues to get to know the people in their community despite how many businesses are around them.

Online marketing is more than sales

Most businesses are small businesses. They don’t have tremendous marketing budgets, nor do they have significant impact in their communities from the very beginning. They have to work hard to great visibility, like and trust.

Businesses that see their customers as great connections go the extra mile by building some sort of relationship with the connections they make. They see them as more than a wallet or purse.

If a business owner builds the right connections, they will create people that were further business to their friends. Customer referrals are great because they bring the added element of trust.

What can you do today?

Think of today as your fresh start. Take a look at who is near community and reach out to them. Remember that business involves people, and not just things or sales. There is great value in reaching out to someone today. Best of luck defining a great business connection today.

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