What is the heart of social media? Why does it matter to business and those that use it? Why do so many miss the mark when using social media for their business? Read more to see why and learn how you can do better.

Earlier today as I jumped on to Twitter to see what everyone was up to. Sometimes you see people just blasting out stuff to the Twitterverse; and sometimes you see conversations between individuals happening. Then this thought popped into my head…

At the core of all social media is people. I still see people not taking this into consideration as the try to increase their influence on the various social media platforms. So what was I really thinking?

social media Truro

Most businesses today are small businesses. They are mom and pop businesses, and larger. For the majority of them, knowing their customers and building customer loyalty through relationship building is key to their success. Their next sale could very well be a returning customer. How does this relate to social media?

If we are working hard to build relationships in our business on a daily basis, then why are we not using that same strategy on our social media? Why are we not focusing on connecting with others from our community on social media?

I know that there is time to share business updates, product and service updates and ask for the “Sale”; but shouldn’t community building in our local area comprise a big part of our daily social media efforts? We have to remember that small business leans heavy upon referrals. Referrals come from people in our community that like and trust us because we have built something of a relationship with them.

So today, when we are on our social media, we should be focusing our efforts on building relationships that will cause our communities to grow larger and stronger. Building with people is a wise move for a business. Relying on numbers is an unwise practice for small business.

So at the heart of our social media efforts should be people, not numbers. Remember, what we build matters down the road. Have a great day in business.