A retweet on Twitter is like a Facebook share. It takes the tweet and shares it with your own followers just as it is composed. But what if  you want to add a comment to the retweet? This process is called a “Quote Tweet”. Watch this video to learn how.

A Quote Tweet can be performed on a mobile device and on your web browser when you go to Twitter.com. There are also 3rd party applications like Hootsuite that will also allow you to modify a retweet. But when you are on Twitter with your mobile device, or go to twitter.com, you can perform a Quote Tweet.

Just press the “Retweet” symbol [circled in the image below] and then select “Quote Tweet”.

How to Quote Tweet on Twitter

Things to keep in mind when you do a Quote Tweet:

  1. Make sure your comment is relevant to what was originally tweeted.
  2. You can add a Twitter username to the Quote Tweet to make sure a specific user sees the tweet.
  3. Add value to what was tweeted originally.

Why would you do a Quote Tweet?

There are times when you want to add more to what was originally shared on Twitter. Maybe you have more information that should be added. Maybe you want to make sure that someone specifically sees that tweet. Maybe you want to thank the person who tweeted. What ever the reason, a “Quote Tweet” is a great way to add value.

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