Building a brand for you business centers around three main concepts. It must be consistent. It must be recognizable. And it must be memorable.

After chatting with Justice Wordlaw and Tab Bourguignon on my blog and on Google+, I have decided to write some articles that my most engaged followers want to see. Justice and I talked about focusing on those that connect with us on a regular basis. I plan to make this happen in the very near future for Justice and others. A few days ago, Tab wanted to know about branding. And what Tab wants, Tab gets; because she has been engaging with me consistently and should be rewarded for that. My loyal followers will see the same in the days ahead as they share what they want to see here.

So what is branding? Let me throw this thought out at you. It’s how potential buyers or customers see our products and services; and our business. It really is how others see us, in its simplest form. I am a big believer in the KISS principle. Branding needs KISS to work well.

I do a fair amount of social media training and social media consulting on branding. People are looking for how they can make their “Brand” stand out. Branding requires creativity. You need to be able to create fresh new ideas and work old ideas to make them new again.

So here are 3 thoughts on “Branding”:

  1. Your Branding needs to be consistent. Every where you position your brand, it needs to have the same look and feel. Colors, designs and logos need to be displayed consistently to your customers. Your customers need to see your brand several times before they see that brand as you. Your web site, your blog, your news letter, your flyers or brochures and all your other connect points need to be consistent to your customers.
  2. Your Branding needs to be recognizable. Your brand needs to be simple enough to be recognizable. If it is too complicated, your brand will be harder for the customer to take in. Again the KISS rule applies here. Your brand needs to be quickly recognizable to your customers. You do not want your customers to be wondering if it is you, or if it is not you. Look at the Nike brand for example. It is a check mark. It is easy to see and recognize. There is not doubt about what the Nike brand check mark is. You need to make your brand easy to recognize.
  3. Your Branding needs to be memorable. If customers cannot remember your brand, your branding is not working for you. Your branding needs to be so easy for your customer to absorb that it will be easy to remember. I can still see the Nike check mark in my mind; and I have not see it lately. That’s a memorable brand. Your brand needs to do that. Just think Apple Computers to stir a brand fresh up in your mind.

For me, the color black, the words “Alpha Computer” and my face help build my brand. What do you use?

I hope this will give your something to think about. Remember your brand will grow as your business grows. Your brand will remain the same, but will improve in the finer details and execution. I would love to hear your thought on branding. Please comment below and start the conversation.