Google is looking at using Google+ to help revive real time search. If your business needs visibility, you had better consider a Google+ Business Page when they become available.

Problems gaining access to Twitter’s fire hose is not slowing down Google from looking at real time search with Google+. If wide spread adoption of Google+ occurs, Twitter could be missing out on being showcased in Google search results.

As a business, whether you are in Halifax, Dartmouth, Toronto, Vancouver, New York or San Diego, visibility is always a prime concern. Google+ does not have a business page option yet. But when they do, it might be wise to have a Google+ presence. Especially when real time search engine results factor in.

Google+ is continuing to increase their numbers at a fairly good rate. Yet there are still some concerns on my part. Google+ needs to continue to attract a wide variety of people. At one point, Google+ looked like a male geek hangout. Now more women are embracing Google+ as a social network. Hopefully, a more wide spread adoption will bring with it a great variety of topics that are relevant to more people.

So as I see it, it is still early for businesses to take advantage of Google+. But as individuals, we should get in and get familiar with how Google+ works. It could also be a great time to network and get to know a lot of new people.

But in the end, a business will have to have a presence on Google+ to show up better in Google search results. Since Twitter declined to come to the party, we have to look elsewhere. And elsewhere is Google+.

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