If business is about one thing, it’s about customer service. Providing good customer service is what keeps our customers coming back. 

I picked up a coffee and carrot muffin at the Elmsdale McDonalds restaurant this morning. The coffee was awesome. When I opened the bag to get my muffin, a fly the size of a house flew out.

I said to myself, “I’m checking this muffin out”. Upon closer inspection, I found a hair sticking up; right out of the muffin top. I usually don’t take things back, but this was a one time I decided to act.

Sandi met me at the McDonalds counter with a friendly smile.  I explained what had happened and Sandi gladly exchanged the muffin. What could have been a bad experience, turned out into a great experience.

So what can we learn? It’s the small things that can give our businesses the greatest victories. For the cost of a muffin, McDonalds continued to keep my business. Sandi could have told me to buy another muffin or get lost. But her smile and action, impressed me enough to make it in a blog post. We do blog about our experiences with business.

So as business owners, we should do what we have to do to make our customers rave about what we do. Now reason has to be used in these matters. Usually it’s the small fixable problems that can make our customers raving fans.

So how do I end this post?…”I’m (still) Loving It!”