People are wondering if Google+ will affect how they turn up in search engine results. Well Google owns Google+. If I were them, I would be using Google+ to reward early adopters with better search engine results.

The HubSpot Blog posted this article: BREAKING: Google+ Profile Images Now Appearing Beside Search Listings. Here they explained how author profile pictures where showing up along side search engine results on Google. This alone could increase the click through rates for a web page by simply being eye candy.

G+ LogoBut the bigger question is this: Will Google reward Google+ users with better search engine results? Think about it. Google+ was created by Google and what are they famous for? Search. What a great way to migrate users from other applications than to give them a boost in search results, simply for being there. Facebook cannot do this on Google.

If I was advising Google, I would tell them to start including in their algorithms a specific component that would include Google+. Reward those who have set up in Google+ and let the search engine results factor this. What a great way to drive traffic to Google+.  “Be on Google+ and get a boost in the search engine results“.

So will being on Google+ give you a boost on Google. It should. Google can find your information and your links here easier. The only real question for me is this: How much will this affect my Google rank?

So check me out on Google+ and let’s see if my results on Google reflect my presence on Google+. I hope to show up better in places like Halifax, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and Toronto for my social media training and my social media marketing.  Make sure you keep an eye open for yours as well.

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