I encountered a problem that I was not sure could be fixed at the end of October 2010. Searching on social media provided a solution the problem. This is the story of what happened.

Searching on Social Media

Searching on Social Media – The Problem:

A banner was sent to Sydney, Nova Scotia for the Sunday Walk for Justice march. The banner would be carried at the head of the march. The banner was supposed to be picked up at Purolator on Friday before 5:00PM. The person, who was to pick up the package, arrived just after Purloator closed. Purolator would not open again until Monday.

Searching on Social Media – Background:

A friend of mine, Scott Mills from the Toronto Police Service, contacted me via Twitter to see if I knew anyone in Sydney who could help gain assess to the banner before the March on Sunday. I have relatives in North Sydney, but I was not sure who else to contact. I sent my relatives an Email, but I did not get a reply in time.

So I searched for Sydney on Twitter. I found a few contacts on Twitter. I asked them if they knew the local owner of the Sydney Purolator depot. A guy name Chris responded no and I thanked him. This really felt like a needle in a hay stack. In my mind, I thought this was the end and the march was not going to gain access to the banner.

Scott Mills resent my tweets back out on Twitter again. As a consequence, we got a reply that indicated that a UPS number was required to go further. Some how we had made a good connection.

Scott and I did not know at the time that the guy we were tweeting with, his wife had a great connection with UPS. Consequently, the package was found and the person in Sydney was contacted to pick up the package. The march proceeded with the banner.

Because of social media, what looked like disaster, turned out successful. This story proves the value of social media.

Searching on Social Media – Making Connections

Searching on social media can help you find the business connection you need to take your business to the next level. Social media may be the only means for finding that important connection that opens up the door.

One case in point that I remember, was a friend of mine who was trying to find a certain contact in the Nova Scotia government. He tried the website and search for phone numbers on Google to no avail.

Then one day this friend put a post out on Twitter. That tweet connected him with the person they could help him make that contact in the Nova Scotia government. This really surprised him and show him the power of social media.

Some of my best business connections have started on Twitter. Twitter enabled me to find people that I might not have otherwise found. Through Twitter I was able to develop relationships that turned into business.

Searching on Social MediaSummary:

When it came to the Walk for Justice banner, social media allowed us to connect with the right people who could help us get a package, after the Purolator depot was closed. Social media helped us find a needle in the hay stack. Special thanks to those that helped and Purolator.

Social media helped me find the right people to grow my business and start conversations with them that led to great relationships and opportunity.

Searching on Social MediaKey learning point:

Social media can help you connect with someone you do not know, who can help you achieve a amazing result.