Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers, promote their brand, and grow their audience. But social media also comes with some risks that need to be managed carefully. What is your social media risk? Here are three questions you should ask yourself before you post anything on social media:

Social Media Risk


(1) What information are you sharing?

The first question is about the content of your posts. Of course, you must be careful about what information you share on social media, especially if it is personal or sensitive. For example, you should avoid posting your full name, address, phone number, date of birth, or any other details that could be used for identity theft. You should also avoid posting anything revealing your trade secrets, business plans, or confidential information that could give your competitors an edge. And it would be best to always be honest and accurate in your posts, as lying or exaggerating could damage your credibility and reputation.

(2) Who is doing your social media?

The second question concerns the people responsible for your social media accounts. You need to ensure they are qualified, trained, and trustworthy. It would help if you had clear guidelines and policies for what they can and cannot post and how they should respond to comments or questions from your followers. You should also monitor their activity and performance regularly and provide them with feedback and support. And it would be best always to have a backup plan in case they leave, get sick, or make a mistake.

(3) Is there information that needs to be kept private for now?

The third question is about the timing of your posts. You must be strategic about when and how you share information on social media, especially if it relates to a new product, service, or event. You should not post anything that could spoil a surprise, create unrealistic expectations, or confuse your customers. You should also consider whether the information you want to share must be public or private and choose the right platform and audience. And you should always respect the privacy and confidentiality of your customers, partners, and employees.


Social media can be an excellent asset for your business if you use it wisely and responsibly. By asking yourself these three questions before you post anything on social media, you can reduce the risks and maximize the benefits of this powerful tool. What is your social media risk?