Showing up on Google Search when your customers go searching is important for your business success. Choosing the right keywords is critical.

It’s not a question anymore about what our customers are doing when they want to buy something. They are running right to Google to get the information they need to buy something. The only question is this; “Are we showing up for their consideration?”

Can we know what our customers are searching for? Can we know what things they are searching for? The answer is “Yes” and “Yes”. There is a tool for that.

Google Keyword Tool Box

The Google Keyword Tool Box shows us what people are searching for and how much they are searching for these words. For example, say we want to try to show up in search results for “Seniors Real Estate”. We are wondering if this is a good idea. Using the Google Keywords Tool Box shows us that there are fewer hits than we expected.

As we look further, we see that our word choices are not performing well at all. Why could this be? Here’s what I think the answer is…”No one wants to think of themselves as “Seniors”; period. We all see ourselves as young at heart. The bottom line: if people are not typing in “Seniors Real Estate”, we don’t need to use these words either. We need to use the words that people are looking for.

So when we go building our web presence, we need to find out what people are typing in; and then use them to show up in search results.

Another thing, just because we think that our word choices are good, does not mean that they will work. We need to research and test our keyword choices to see how they perform.

So spend the time to determine which direction to proceed in. You will be glad you did.