Everyday people are uploading pictures online with file names like photo12, img00234 and such. Pictures show up in a Google search when people switch to the “Images” section. If you are uploading pictures as is, without changing their file names, you are missing out big time in search.

Here is a screen shot of a “Social media training Halifax” search Image section. They are all mine.


We can show up on the Internet for a multitude of things. Why not consider showing up well in the images section as well.

In order to show up in search with your pictures, you must make sure that every photo that goes up to the Internet has a file name that includes your keywords.

So when you go to upload pictures to the Internet, take the extra time to change the file name to something relevant for your website and your business. On a PC you can right mouse click and select “Rename” and change the file name. On a Mac, just click file and press ENTER. Then type the file name you want.


So here’s to a great day of business for you.