Have you considered the words you use in your social media marketing? Are you planning to show up to your customers with the words they use? Keywords are important to your business. We will discuss this topic in my Halifax social media training programs because it is important to build correctly on the Internet.


Imagine you have placed your ladder up against the building you THOUGHT would place you on the right roof for success? When you finally made it to the top, you discovered that you were on the wrong roof.

Making sure you end up on the right roof required that you place your ladder against the right building. When I say this, I simply mean, “Are you showing up in your customer searches or are you showing up where no one is looking?”

One classroom participant said they wanted to plan a big strategy for “HRM Homes”. They were certain that everyone would be searching for this. People just had to be searching for these words.

But when we checked the actual search volume in the Google Keyword Planner, “HRM Homes” was a complete dud. There were 0 search results.


It wasn’t till we went to the suggested searches section that we really found out what people were ACTUALLY searching for. This person saw that if they were to proceed with the “HRM Homes” push, they would have ended up in a place where no one was actually searching. This would have been a complete waste of time and money.

So before you go running ahead with your plans to conquer the world, check the Google Keyword Planner to see if your keywords are good or not.

Plan for success, and not failure, before you lean your ladder up against the building. You will be glad you did.

So here’s to a great day in business for you. I am cheering you onward 😀