Mobile Google search results are showing the words “Mobile-friendly” on mobile smartphones right now. When you do a search with your smart phone on Google, you will now see the words “Mobile-friendly” in the results. Those sites that are not mobile friendly will not display the words “Mobile-friendly” in the search results.

Mobile-Friendly-Google-Search-Results & are “Mobile-friendly”

Why will Mobile-friendly matter? Here are a few things to consider:

  • When people are using their smartphones to search, they will want to go to web sites where they do not have to enlarge and manipulate the screen to view the site properly. They may ignore non “Mobile-friendly” web sites all together. People can develop different habits over time.
  • Google will rate “Mobile-friendly” web sites higher. SiteProNews states that… “Google now ranks mobile friendly websites higher on mobile searches, burying the non-mobile friendly sites at the bottom when they used to be higher in rank.”
  • Mobile sites will give a searcher a better viewing experience. The site can be viewed mostly with up and down finger swipes. This is so much easier for the reading of information and the viewing of media that they are searching for.
  • Google’s main job is to impress the searcher with great results. If you cannot help Google do this, and make Google look good, you are going to get kicked to the back of the bus in my opinion.

How can I check to see if my site is “Mobile-friendly”?

  • You can do a Google search on your mobile device to see if you see the words “Mobile-friendly”
  • You can check your web site with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

It’s time to act and check to make sure your web site is “Mobile-friendly”. After all, if you do not show up well in a Google search, you are not going to generate visibility and opportunity for your business online.

Any questions, please ask.

Have a great day in business.