The better we know the interests and desires of our customers, the better we will be able to target market to them. Marketing is not about blasting a message out the world. It is about targeting our message to a few specific people in order to get better results. This will be one topic that I will be teaching my Halifax, Dartmouth and Truro social media workshop participants.

Think about this tweet for a second:

Marketing is about targeting a specific group of people with a message that interests them [Sniper approach]. It’s not about broadcasting, or blasting [Shot gun approach], a general message out to the world and hoping that something sticks.

Push marketing, or broadcasting, no longer works because so few people are actually listening to us. They are changing the channel so to speak. Instead, people are pulling what they want via SEARCH. When they have a need, they go looking. They have created a PULL marketing environment.

So how do we know what they are interested in, so that they will PULL our information to them? One tool that we can use is the Facebook Graph Search. We can actually find out what the favorite interests are for people who LIKE certain businesses, for example. Take a look at the screen shot below.

Favorite interest social media Halifax

All we have to do is type into the Facebook Graph Search box a search formula and “viola”, we will see what the favorite interests are of the fans. We can do that for any Facebook Page. Just imagine what we can learn, and how we can more effectively target our ideal audience on social media.

social media Halifax interests Facebook

Here are some of the results I found with this Graph Search. I discover that Youge-Dundas Square, Social Media and Real Estate are some of the main interests of my fans. When I market to my fans on Facebook, I now know what interests to target. And with the new Facebook targeted organic posts button, I can do a better job at marketing just the right content to the ideal audience.

Facebook targeted organic marketing

Could it get any better? It probably will. But for now, this is a great way to target smartly with our marketing efforts. All we have to do now is learn what our customers interests are and create content that will be of interest to our ideal audience.

I hope this gets you thinking. I know that it will get my Halifax, Dartmouth and Truro social media workshop participants thinking.

So here’s to a great day of business for you.