My Twitter friend @MarkShaw says…”Stop thinking you want followers.. What you want is Listeners… huge difference..” And Mark is right.

Right from the start, you need to decide what you are going to build on Twitter. Is it going to be for play or for business? What is the purpose of you being on Twitter? Have you decided on a strategy for your Twitter account?

These are questions that you should think about and not just push off to the side. If you build it, there is no guarantee that they will come. There is not guarantee that your followers will be of any benefit to you as well.

Your success is dependent on building with the right people. Here’s an example. If you automate your Twitter and add every Tom, Dick and Harry; you will end up with a lot of followers. The question at this point is this…”What do you have?”

If you are just broadcasting out to your followers…”What do you have?”

Building a successful Twitter account is not dependent on size, but upon quality. Sure it’s nice to have many peeps around you. But it’s better to have a good number of quality peeps than a huge number of peeps who could care less about what you are doing. That’s the brutal truth.

It is far better, like my friend @MarkShaw says, to build your Twitter account around listeners than followers. Listeners are responsive and will act when you ask them to. The know you and they respect you. You have engaged and spent time with them. They will refer you as well and brag about your skills. (Check out Mark Shaw’s presence on to see what he does.)

So what’s better than a huge number for Twitter followers? A huge number of Twitter listeners!

When you think about how you want to proceed with your Twitter activity, make sure you think about creating “Listeners” and not just “Followers”. The results will be greatly different.