Twitter is a powerful network that can connect you to others. It can enable you to marketing your business in ways that are different from other networks. With Twitter, you can connect to almost anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. Here’s why Twitter is great for your business:

Twitter allows you to connect to anyone

Twitter allows you to connet to anyone

[Social media tip: Twitter allows you to connect with anyone, anytime you want. Make new connections everyday.]

  • Businesses need to make new connections everyday. They need new customers to grow.
  • Twitter allows you to reach out to anyone at anytime and create opportunity.
  • Unlike Facebook, there is no long wait for a connection approval. You find the account you want, and then you reach out right away.
  • You should have a plan for adding great people to your twitter account everyday and building with them.

Here is why Twitter is a great networking tool for business:

Twitter connect business

No business owner should be happy with the status quo. We all want your business to grow and to do that, you need to develop a greater footprint on the web and in your community. To do that, you have to develop and exploit new connections every day.

No connection is too small and none are insignificant. You have no idea where that one single connection will lead, so you have to take each one very seriously. If your business cannot make these new connections, it can stagnate, or worse, can actually start to move backwards.

When you make new connections on social media, you can open yourself to entirely new networks of people and opportunities. Friends of friends and businesses associated with businesses. All it takes is just one new connection to open the door to greater visibility and new customers. And you never know which one of those new connections it will be. That’s why you need to make new connections every day.

My real estate friends would call this process “Prospecting“. We simply have to get out of our comfort zone and try to make opportunity happen. I learned early on in my business that if I waited for the phone to ring, I would starve. To grow my business, I had to try to make new connections.

Some thoughts from my Twitter experience:

In the early years of my business I did a lot of face to face networking with other business owners. As I learned how to use social media more effectively, it became obvious that I could do some of my own networking right on social media. I could talk to more people on social media than I ever could in a room filled with people;  but I still use face to face networking as well today.

My favorite tool for online network is Twitter. Once I have a Twitter username, I can begin to reach out and try to network with someone that I have not met yet. If the person that I am reaching out to will engage in a conversation with me, there is no reason that I cannot turn it into an opportunity.

Twitter is powerful networking tool:

With Twitter, you can connect with anyone, at any time. You are not limited to space and time. All you have to do is find these new connections that you want to make, and then start reaching out. We are not limited by a physical networking location.

Meeting at Tim Hortons, or McDonalds, to have a conversation over a coffee might still give us that personal touch, but Twitter allows us to network when sitting down together isn’t possible.

Another thing that Twitter gives us: the ability to have that conversation without worrying about any sort of time format.

There are people out that that you need to connect with, so that you can take your business to the next level. The real problem for you is finding out who they are. Once that’s done, connecting with them on Twitter is the next step.

“No guts, no glory!” There’s a motto to live by. I will connect with anyone anywhere and try to make things happen. You should be bold as well. Remember that fortune favors the brave. Your business needs new connections. That means you need to be brave and try to make those connections today.

What should we do today on Twitter?

We should stop coming up with excuses for not to connect with people, and start making those new connections today. This will help our business grow and remain healthy. The lifeblood of our business is the new contacts we make every day.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, we are already a different breed from the rest of the pack. We willing to take risks both personally and financially. We just need to be brave and act upon the things that we already know we should be doing to grow our business.

Things you can do today:

  • Plan to add one new contact every day to our business.
  • Stop worrying about who won’t and start concerning yourself with who will connect with you.
  • Find connections by using the Twitter advanced search.
  • Use a Google search to find the key players your industry.
  • Talk to others on Twitter and find out who you should be connecting with today.
  • You can make great connections for others as well. They will be grateful for their new connection.

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