This is a proud moment for ReMax Nova and for myself. Today ReMax Nova released the new Facebook App for real estate listings. I helped create the design. It is a top North American Facebook App period.

This is what the new Facebook listing app looks like:

Main Listings Page:

Individual Listings Page:

Here is the link to Ron Hollett’s Facebook Listing Page. Please do check it out.

The cool thing about this Facebook app is that real estate agents no longer need to add their listings to their Facebook Pages. The listings are automatically fed in from the main company listing page.

This new development really takes the load off all of the ReMax Nova agents. They can now focus even more of their efforts on their customers. The new Facebook app is really cool as well. It performs everything that a prospective customer will need to. There are lots of pictures, connect points and great information about individual homes.

This new design is based on my original Facebook listings page. Here’s what I had previously designed:

The original design was built using HTML by each individual agent. I had to train them how to do this. They had to add their own pictures and text. The original Facebook listings page suited its original purpose, and many homes were sold off of these listing pages/apps.

Now that the new Facebook real estate listing app is here, I believe it will attract more new viewers. This one will not be as easily copied, as my earlier version was. The creators of the latest app did a super job. They took all my wish list items and made a beautiful & functional app.

So here’s to great innovation and creativity in business. I am grateful for the part I played. Now it’s time to see where this all goes.