If they don’t know about you, they can’t hire or buy from you. If you are not top of mind with people, they won’t hire or buy from you. Either way, it’s a sad ending.

In the process of Know, Like and Trust, you need to create business visibility and maintain it for the life cycle of your customer. People first need to know about you. Then they learn to like you. Finally, they learn to trust you. Getting your customers through this process creates loyal customers.

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Know Like Trust – The Social Media Process For Business Success

People cannot buy from those they don’t know about. Once they know about you, then you can work on keeping in touch with them. This is the fine art of staying in touch with your customer.

There is nothing worse in business then not being top of mind when your customers have a need. You need to stay top of mind with your customers for them to think about you in their hour of need. So how do you do this?

Traditional means of keeping in touch include sending out cards, brochures, flyers or emails. This helps you remind your customers that you are still there for them. Today we can use social media to help stay in touch with our customers.

But what do you do to stay in touch with your customer? We previously used to acknowledge customer birthdays and special events. My question to you is this…”Why would we stop doing this?” For example, Facebook lets us know when people have birthdays. Why not wish people a Happy Birthday? It only takes seconds to do and it means so much.

Another means to stay in touch with your customers is to offer them valuable information. What might your customer being looking for? If you can be the trusted provider of that information, your customers might return over and over again to keep up to date.

A business can reach out and say “Hi” as well. This sounds way to simple, but it can help you stay in touch. You can wish people a great day or ask them how things are going. Never under estimate the value of social chit chat. A great conversation can open the door for opportunity.

These are just a few ideas for you to use. One thing for sure is that we need to keep our customers thinking about us. This usually means a process.

Social media is very effective because it is measurable and monitor able. Social media analytics allow you to see how your efforts are doing. Social media applications can help you monitor what is coming back at you.

One thing I can tell you is this… “If you don’t keep in touch with your customers, someone else will.” This cannot be don’t in a mechanical way; nor should it be. You need to be a “Cheers” like place for customers. Relationships are key to business. Keeping in touch helps you build relationships.

So what’s our walk-a-way for today? If you want to be considered by your customer for business, you need to stay top of mind with them. How ever you do this, you need to work towards making this happen. So come up with a plan to stay in touch. Don’t wait another day to make this happen.

Remember, you don’t want to be sitting across the table with a friend, telling you that they used someone else for business; when you do it also. Stay memorable with those around you, and you will keep business flowing.