Can you really get leads and sell homes off of social media? After hearing the results from my real estate social media dream team… “Yes you can!”

I always start my social media programs off with a check-in. I ask the participants what they have done with social media from the week before. As we go from person to person, we get to see how many leads and sales have occurred.

So far this week, we had 7 leads generated with 3 heading to completion. If you want to tell me that you can’t use social media to sell homes, you are a few weeks too late. Each week so far in this social media program, we have had real estate agent after real estate agent tell about their experiences gathering leads and turning them into sales.

So training is paying off, literally. The people I am working for are sold and want to do even more. The training takes a while to go through, but it is delivering results. I really enjoy seeing the agents tell each other about their successes.

So if you encounter someone who says it can’t happen, send them here. More to come next week. If you are a real estate agent and you are not using social media, keep it up. My dream team will take those sales from you.