I share a lot on Twitter and other social networks. I also connect as much as possible with others from the Halifax, Dartmouth, Toronto, the New England area and beyond. But I have to unplug every now and then for greater creativity

I saw an article a while back that explained that the more you are connected on social media and the Internet, the less creative you become. I actually have come to believe this. With this in mind, I encourage you to think about doing this as well.

Some of my greatest moments of creativity for social media have come when I have pulled away for a walk; without any tech gear on me at all. It is at these times, that I get a chance to listen and hear new ideas come forth.

For many of us, we are surrounded with technology, that is always on and making noise. We have to learn how to pull away so that we can make better use of our time when we are connected.

Now if you are hardly using social media or using technology; you don’t have this problem. You may have others, but not the one I am currently blogging about. I am writing this blog post to those who always seem to be connected, and to whom I want to see reach new personal heights.

This past Saturday, I just relaxed and did some non-tech activities. When one’s mind gets used to being busy all the time, this is not good. When I unplug, it feels weird; but it sure is necessary. I believe that great things come when I do this. I am believing this for you as well.

One of my favorite activities is going for a walk. I love the sound of the wind, the birds, the wind going through the trees; and the lack of tech noise. I am currently processing the thoughts that came to me from my walks this weekend.

Maple Leaf Social Media Walk Truro

I want to encourage you to do the same when you can. I know that you are busy and that you are working hard to stay on top of your profession. But if you keep on going at a fast pace, you are going to burn out. In the end, you will not achieve the desired results.

So what is our walk-a-way for today? Sometimes hard consistent work over long hours does not achieve the best results that we are looking for. Whether you live in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, Toronto, New England or else where, you need to plan breaks in your online life. These breaks can help you create new thoughts, and new directions for your business. They will probably help your business do more in the end. So please take them. You have my permission… like you really need it? Have fun and be creative. I am cheering you onward 🙂