Why should you think about what you share on your social media before you share it to the world? Could it affect your business brand? I am encouraging my Halifax social media program to really think about what they are sharing on social media. If they want to benefit from using social media marketing for their business, they need to be smart with what they post.

When you post, do you ask yourself… “Is it share worthy?” If you would not share it or “Like” it, why would others?

When you prepare to put your post out, make sure you give it some thought before you hit the post button. Over posting can hurt your efforts, especially when it might be stuff that others don’t like or don’t want to share. Here is a video I made yesterday talking about getting more interactions on Facebook. I trust it will get you thinking.

I trust that you will see that you really have to be thinking when you post. To get the most out of your efforts, you need to make sure you send your post off  being the best it can be. When you are doing this for business, it is doubly important.

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