This is the game: they follow you & you follow back. Then they dump you to make their numbers work better for them. These people are not worth connecting to folks.

When you hit the 2000 mark on Twitter, there is a ratio that you must stay within. If you are following less people than are following you, this rule does not apply. It applies only to those people who are following more than are following them.

I have  a program I use for people like this: Crowdfire App. If you are more concerned about numbers than people, you will show up on my radar. Life’s too short to play games. If I am just a number to you, than you are not a connection that I am willing to more forward with.

Auto following programs are the worst for this. They follow hundreds of peeps and dump those you do not follow back. Then more dumping happens after that as they try to stay within the follower/follow ratio. I am not a fan of this method at all. There’s no personal connection and it ends up as a numbers game.

So if you are only interested in the numbers game, let’s not connect. It’s better for you and it’s better for me. But if you are interested in making a great connection and collaborating, bring it on. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing new things as they come forth. I can hardly wait to meet you 🙂