Competition is good for the marketplace. It’s great for the customer and it makes better businesses more creative and innovative. Google+ and Facebook will discover this.

Jeff Brown - Social Media CoachThere’s a lot of talk about Google+ replacing Facebook and Twitter and other nonsense on the Internet these days. It’s like Google+ is the new Walmart; and it’s going to bury all other other businesses. Well Walmart has destroyed many small businesses out there; but there are lots of businesses that are still thriving and doing OK Sam!

What we have to understand, if we look far enough in the future, is that Google+ and Facebook may have to work together against another unseen online threat possibly from China. As I see it, right now, there’s room for Google+ and Facebook both to do well.

I am old enough to remember one phone company ruling over all of my province, and I can tell you a monopoly is not good for consumers. Competition is a healthy part of the consumer business relationship. Out of competition comes creativity and innovation. Having Google+ or Facebook rule the world? I don’t think that would be good for anyone.

We live in exciting times where we can see Google+ and Facebook becoming creative and innovative in the offerings. This is going to be great for consumers and businesses. Not everyone will go one way or the other. I plan to work in both worlds so to speak.

I believe that Google+ and Facebook will create their own niches in this world. There is room. After all, there are still several car and truck companies in this world. And they are doing “A OK” still.

So don’t get yourself all bent out of shape when you read a blog post on “50 ways why Google+ is better”. Remember that competition is good for the marketplace. Maybe China will buy Google+ and Facebook. Now that would suck! Another monopoly. So be thankful that we do have competition and choice.

Competition is good for the Marketplace Google+ and Facebook.

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