As a business, we should learn how to flow with our social media throughout the day; instead of taking it out of a box to play with for an hour or so. Here’s a video for my Halifax social media participants to help them understand how to use their social media more naturally.

Here’s some tips to make your social media for your business more natural:

  1. Don’t see social media as something you do for an hour and put away. Some of your social media does need to be planned; but don’t just relegate it to a time period and forget about it for the rest of the day.
  2. Always try to see the things that others walk by everyday. Learn how to recognize those great moments and screen shots to share on your social media community.
  3. Look to converse with people on your social media when they come to mind. Start with simply saying “Hi”. And maybe ask them how their day is going.
  4. When those great ideas and thoughts come to your mind, share them with others. Great encouraging thoughts are always welcomed.
  5. Let your social media flow throughout the day just like your breathing. If your social media will flow naturally, it will seem to take no time at all. It becomes something that you naturally flow in and out of.

Halifax social media - Flowing naturally as a business

If you will stop seeing your social media as something you play with once a day, it will be less clunky and easier to do. Sure there will still be planning involved for the road ahead, but it will much easier to execute. It will be an extension of what you do naturally elsewhere. We plan our day and roll with what happens. Why wouldn’t we do the same with social media?

So here’s to a great day of business for you. Let’s make something great happen today.