We see that the Facebook Page post reach number is small on the Facebook Page Manager App. We want to get a greater reach so that we can get our post seen by more people. Then we check the Facebook website and see that the reach numbers are much larger. The we wonder what is going on. Can the app and the website really be showing two different results?

Here is what I am talking about:

Facebook Post ReachMobile

We see that the reach given to us by Facebook is 4 people. Yet Facebook shows us 8 likes, 2 comments and 55 views. Now I know that Facebook Page likes are not counted when it comes to reach. So I checked the list of likes: 2 Facebook Page likes [non human]. The rest of the likes were from friends plus me [human]. I count 5 people plus me. Still does not equal 4.

So I went to the Facebook website and checked there:

Facebook Page Reach Marketing

The website gives me a reach of 115 people. I checked both the app and the website at the same time to double-check the results. My conclusion has to be that Facebook is showing misleading results on the app. Let’s check the insights from both sources, the app and the website.

Here is what the Facebook Pages Manager app is saying:

Facebook Pages manager app insights

Here is what the Facebook website insights are saying:

Facebook post insights

I am doing the checking at the same time, and yet the results are not the same.The app says 0 clicks while the website shows 11 clicks. Even the like numbers are off. So much for true stats.

I have seen the same type of results from different posts. This is not a one time deal. My conclusion is that the reach from the mobile app is not the same as the results from the website. Either the app and the website are not talking, or there is something wrong going on here.

So the moral of the story is to check the website before we decide to boost a post. Don’t be fooled by low app reach results. It’s our money; we need to spend it wisely.

Here’s to a great day in business for you.