How do I get more shares on my Facebook Page? Facebook shares are an important part of the life blood of a successful Facebook Page. Shares dramatically increase a Page’s visibility. Facebook Edgerank loves them as well.

Here are some key points to get you thinking; possibly in a new way that could produce better results.

Before you ever hit the post button to send your information out onto Facebook, you need to ask yourself if what you are about to share is indeed share worthy. Ask yourself this question… “Would I share this with my friends?” If your answer is “No”, think about sharing something else.

How to get more Facebook Shares

The problem with getting shares is that we never really think about what we are sharing. We are just pounding information out onto Facebook, praying that something will stick. Getting shares on Facebook requires careful thought and planning. After all, you can only share 3 to 3 posts per day without starting to annoy your Fans. Strategic thinking around posting is critical to your success.

One guideline I use is this… “Is it interesting or useful?” If what you are about to share does not fit into either of these two categories, it’s probably not going to get many shares, or attention at all. From my experience, people share things because it will either keep their friends safe or it will make them smile. Sounds simple, but take a look at what gets the most shares on Facebook. It probably fits into either one of those categories.

I usually do not just post text only on Facebook unless it’s the quote of all quotes. Text needs pictures to enhance share ability. People may even share your post for the picture alone. So take lots of pictures and be looking for things that will share well. I find video does well on my Page.

And because you are a business with a Facebook Page, look for things around your industry as well. You want to build branding around what you do. So find some pictures and videos around what you do. Something funny happen at work? Take a picture! Someone demonstrating something cool at work? Shot a video!

Another key part of getting shares is to ask for them. When people have finished reading or looking, give them the call to action “Please share”.

I hope this will get you thinking and working towards more shares on your Facebook Page. Any questions? Please ask.

Here’s to a great day of business for you.