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This Week In Real Estate Social Media

Can you really get leads and sell homes off of social media? After hearing the results from my real estate social media dream team... "Yes you can!" I always start my social media programs off with a check-in. I ask the participants what they have done with social media from the week before. As we [...]

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Can Big Business Run The Small Guy Over Still?

It used to be that big business set the rules and the little guy had no say. Times have changed and the everyday Joe has a voice that cannot be denied. Looking at all the protests on Wall Street and throughout the world, it appears that the average person has found a voice in the [...]

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Remembering In The Dark What You Know In The Light

I remember a saying I heard many years ago that went like this... "Don't forget in the darkness what you know to be true in the light." What this means is this, when things don't look good because you cannot see ahead, don't forget what you already know to be true. If you have set [...]

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What Your Customers Are Saying About You

It might surprise you that you could becoming more famous by the minute; for your poor customer service and such. Here's how. Years ago if someone had a problem with your business, they told 10 friends and that was it. Today they can jump on social media and quickly tell tens of thousands of people [...]

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Learning To Be Present In The Moment

You feel the need to look at your smart phone or laptop to see what you have missed. What you are really missing might be right in front of you? With everything so accessible these days, we can check our smart phones, tablets or laptops to see what is happening. It can almost become addictive; the quest [...]

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Twitter Is Hard For Businesses To Understand

Of all the social media tools that are available for business to use, I find Twitter the one that gets business stumped the most. It's a box where you can type up to 140 characters and spaces. But do you think that many feel comfortable putting anything in there? Many of my clients have been [...]

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Social Media Dream Team

They have been training with me for over two years. Now it's time for them to really stretch their social media muscles. I first trained these ReMax Real Estate Professionals to develop great computer skills. I then put them through an Introductory Social Media 40 hour program. Now they are learning the Advanced social media [...]

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