Are You Getting Results From Your Social Media? You should be. What they look like depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Social media can be hard work. And your hard work should be delivering results. Or else why would you do it? So what do you want from social media?

  • A better ranking on Google?
  • A customer service alternative to email and the phone?
  • A way to connect with collaborators to help your business and theirs?
  • A way to connect with your customers and engage them?

Social media will definitely increase your visibility. But you do have to consider each social media application for post frequency. For example, Facebook posts should be fairly light. You are not going to post a lot on Facebook. You might post once or twice a day. If you post a lot, you risk having yourself hidden from other’s News Feeds. Now on Twitter, you can post a lot more. People that tweet a lot can have 40 or more tweets. This is not uncommon.

Google even looks at your social media when ranking your online content. This is an important consideration for your business. Social media will help it rank better. Any questions, check out Matt Cutts’ video.

A real estate professional, Natalie Dwyer-Edinger, wrote this recommend for me on my Facebook Profile. I hope this encourages you that this can happen for you as well.

Here is a testimonial for Jeff Brown, I am taking his social media class right now. My goal was to get our webpage/name on the first page of Google searches ( we weren’t even in the first 5 originally, even I was tired of looking for us ). After 6 1/2 weeks, we made it! Then my new goal was to be in first place, behind the office website. I reached it today! Literally after spending an hour doing what Jeff has taught. 🙂

Having less calls into the office might be a great thing for your business. Social media can put info out that will answer many people’s questions. Less calls into the office can really make office worker’s lives a little bit easier. This would be a great outcome for social media.

I love connecting and making new friends on social media. Some connections lead to business opportunities for me and for them. It’s great to think that social media can get you on other’s radar. Opportunity happens when we can just get noticed. You should always be trying to connect with others any way you can.

It is really awesome when someone calls you right out of the blue, because you turned up on their social media or a Google search result. And yes, it happens to me. And yes, it should happen for you.

I wrote last Friday about the social media results I was getting in my social media training for real estate agents. I see others getting business from their social media as well. You should expect this if you are putting an honest effort into your social media.

We have to keep in mind that social media is a marketing tool, and that we need to use it. If we only use it every now and then, we should not expect to see results. There is not much luck in our business efforts. I have heard it said well this way: “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. Social media requires work just like any other marketing part of your business.

So if you are honestly working social media and giving it a good effort, you should be seeing results. If you are not seeing the results that your honesty feel you should be getting, then ask someone you respect in the industry. A little help from them can go a long way.