How To Create A Brand For My Business: Part 4

Part of the Brand experience is how you communicate with your customers. Is your communication style consistent, recognizable and memorable? If branding involves customer experience, and it does, then how you communicate to your customers says a lot about your brand. Your communication streams need to be consistent, recognizable and memorable. Consistent Communication Branding If you are [...]

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The Dangers Of The Big WOW In Customer Service

Don't rely of the Big WOW for your customer service. Good consistent customer service makes better customers. If your customer service is not good on a consistent basis, don't rely on winning them over with the occasional big WOW. This produces uncertainly and unrealistic expectations in your customers. It's better to let your customer experience [...]

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How To Create A Brand For My Business: Part 3

You never know who is watching your brand. One thing for sure, you need to be consistent in all your customer touch points. You could be missing opportunities. One of my customer touch points is my blog and my web site. It never fails to amaze me who is checking out my blog and my [...]

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How Do I Create A Brand For My Business: Part 2

There is more to branding than just the look of your material. Branding is also the experience that your customer has with your business. Even this must be consistent, recognizable and memorable too. Peter Sickles, from AlphaSearch, added some thoughts on Google+ regarding my blog post yesterday. He said the following... " The biggest mistake people and [...]

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How Do I Create A Brand For My Business

Building a brand for you business centers around three main concepts. It must be consistent. It must be recognizable. And it must be memorable. After chatting with Justice Wordlaw and Tab Bourguignon on my blog and on Google+, I have decided to write some articles that my most engaged followers want to see. Justice and I talked about focusing [...]

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Real Time Search And Google+

Google is looking at using Google+ to help revive real time search. If your business needs visibility, you had better consider a Google+ Business Page when they become available. Problems gaining access to Twitter's fire hose is not slowing down Google from looking at real time search with Google+. If wide spread adoption of Google+ [...]

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Good Advice From My Web Host

My web host just sent me a really good news letter containing tips on securing yur web site and your blog. It was so good, I just had to share it. My web host is and these are their words... ***Starting now*** Below are some basic and advanced tips to help you improve your [...]

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The Art Of Unselling

Suggesting a choice to a customer before they have a chance to speak can cost you business. At the very least it shows that you are not listening. I went for my coffee and muffin this morning and I was greeted with the question, "Would I like to cool down with a cool smoothie this [...]

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