You never know who is watching your brand. One thing for sure, you need to be consistent in all your customer touch points. You could be missing opportunities.

One of my customer touch points is my blog and my web site. It never fails to amaze me who is checking out my blog and my web site. I usually find out after the fact, that people have viewed it and shared it with others.

I need to be on my toes in creating a great brand experience for my viewers. My blog needs to be updated on a regular basis with good content. It also needs to be consistent, recognizable and memorable. I have been mentioning these three terms in my last two blog posts. They are key to branding.

Sometimes I will find out that someone hired me simply because of my blog or web site. I created the experience they were looking for. How we present ourselves is important to how others see us. If we look Mickey Mouse, they will think Mickey Mouse.

I try to make my web site experience match that of my blog so insure consistency. My blog allows me to add more customer experience wow, by providing more updated content, and on some days audio content. Ever since last December, I have made it a point to blog five times a week to provide great readable content. This is part of the brand experience I am trying to create for my customers.

There is no way of getting around it, our brand will have a look a feel to it. Even though branding deals with the customer experience, our customers are affected by what we present to them.

And since we may not know who has checked out our web site or blog, as part of our branding experience, we need to make it good one.

Remember: We never know who is watching our brand. One thing for sure, we need to be consistent in all our customer touch points. We could be missing opportunities.