Businesses want to know to get “Likes” for their Facebook Business Pages. Would you like to comment in a Facebook User Profile as a Facebook Page? Would that be helpful?

I know I said that my last post was the last one of the week, but this was too good not to do. The new skills you can learn here are worth my extra effort. You can thank me by leaving a comment in the post below or buy me a coffee.

William DeRosa from LinkedIn wrote: “You cannot contact a person with your fanpage. Fanpages can only comment/engage with fanpages. A personal profile can engage with both.” I shared the method with William and now it’s time to share this with @TerryCrosby and Natalie Alaimo. And with the rest of you as well.

Now I need to make this clear: this does not give you permission to spam the hell out of all your friends. As a business, you need to use this method with sensitivity. It can help you create awareness for your Facebook Page. Don’t annoy people with this. Here’s the video:

Special thanks to my good social media friend Terry Crosby for being a great sport and using her Facebook Profile Wall. Isn’t she the best? 🙂

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