Video can help you get found on Google first page. I created a video entitled “Social Media Training for Business Halifax Truro Dartmouth Nova Scotia” and now it’s doing well in search.

Continuing my experiment with Google search, I want to look at what video can do for you. There are 10 organic search spots, along with sponsored ads, on first page Google. It does not matter how you show up on first page Google; just as long as you do. Video can help your business go first page.

Here is a screen shot to illustrate how a video can show up on first page Google:

YouTube Video Social Media Training Halifax Dartmouth

Google first page – Social Media Training Dartmouth results

As a matter of fact, there are 2 videos that are on first page Google for the search words “Social Media Training Dartmouth”. When I switched up Dartmouth for Halifax in the search, I noticed that the video was showing up on 2nd page Google. With a little work, it could get to first page Google. Video can help you get found by your searching customers. This can bring you work. So you should consider video as a viable way of showing up on Google first page.

So what is our walk-a-way for today? I want you to consider using video in addition to what you are already doing. Video helps your searching customers get a feel for what you can do, and what you are like. A good video can take the “unknown scary” factor away. This could be enough for them to call you and hire you. Remember that it’s not only text that can get you to first page Google, it’s video too. So get out there and get your “Hollywood on” and get creative.