If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a noise. What if we don’t take social media to the next level? Does it matter to Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro or anywhere else?

Social media by it’s description implies a conversation between individuals and groups. This conversation is a two way street; whereby one does not monopolize all of the conversation.This is where we get terms like “Engagement” and “Connect”.

Social media should always result in a face to face meeting where possible. This is where “Meet ups” come from. Halifax and Dartmouth have done well to encourage these gatherings.

This is the healthy outcome of a good social media effort. Now I know we cannot all meet face to face. But this should not lessen our connects, even when only on Twitter, for example. One needs to seize the day and be genuine with others.

Many want to use social media for business or to get their message out. Some still don’t get that social media is not a broadcasting platform. Great businesses and organizations are using social media to create relationships and advocates. They make the time to connect and genuinely engage with others.

When we connect with others, we can open doors to opportunity that we never imagined. Social media requires us to reach out and share. When you do socials media properly, you will develop better social skills. But you have to push yourself to be friendlier and more out going.

So what if we don’t take social media to the next level and we just push content out to the masses? Then will will fill the Internet with more white noise and make it harder for others to hear a clear message.

We were created to be social. This is our very nature. We should nurture this skills until be become friendlier than ever before and a plus to our communities. Social media gives the every day Joe a voice. It’s up to Joe to determine what his voice will sound like.

For me, I need to take more time to meet with others; after I have spent more time with my family. They need you and I to be there for them. Our social media efforts should never make us forget our families. But on the other side, we should never be text alone to the world. There should be a face and encouraging words.

So what is our walk-a-way for today? Please take a look at your motives for using social media. Do you genuinely want to be social or do you simply want to push out your stuff? Only you can answer this. But you do need to ask yourself that question; and come with with your own reason for using social media.