When I saw this photo, I knew that someone was thinking in a very innovative way. Like this bike with the snow plow, we have to run our social media in a way that makes people go wow. This is a good example for my friends in Halifax, Dartmouth and Toronto to get them thinking about creating a social media wow factor for their businesses.

So tell me that you thought of this before? The guy on the bike with the snow plow is thinking in a way that most of us do not traditionally think. In business, we need to think this way. In our social media marketing in Halifax, Dartmouth, Toronto and else where, we need to think this way.

We cannot keep on giving people the “same old same” and expect them to go wow. We need to find our niche of creativity and innovate. This will really get people talking and sharing.

So think about this picture, and then think about your business and your social media. What can you do that will get noticed today? It could be the simplest thing that no one has yet thought of. What ever you do, get thinking and create some wow today.