One of my most favorite things to do on social media is to create cool photos that make people go wow. My friends in Halifax, Dartmouth and Toronto are not to long to comment when I post these images on my social networks, like Facebook for example. I enjoy seeing their comments. But photos also play a role in increasing your business reach and visibility on social networks as well.

One of my all time favorite programs to use is Adobe Photoshop. With Photoshop, I can create whatever I want when the creative juices are flowing. It’s fun creating these images. If photos can say a thousand words, what will these creations say to others? And when it comes to my social media business, what do these photos have to say about my business? I hope they inspire and make people go wow. I hope others want to do the same thing as well.

If Google likes fresh content, then my friends do as well. I look forward to their likes and shares. But most of all, I look forward to inspiring them onward to greater things. Now that I think of it, I should have written the words “Be Inspired” under the Alpha Social Media Inc logo. But sometimes I just want to let my friends and viewers put in their own headlines and captions.

So how do creative photos help your business when they are placed on social networks and other online sites?

  1. If these photos or images are good enough to make people go wow, then they will share them with their friends. This will increase “Alpha Social Media Inc’svisibility. People can discover my business via a picture. People can discover your business via a photo to.
  2. If I add Alt text to the photo, Google can discover it and index it on search according to the words that were used. This could help my social media business be discovered first as an image. If someone finds my business as an image, there’s nothing wrong with that. This can happen for your business as well.
  3. If I have simply made someone smile, then that is not a bad thing to do either. If someone sees a picture from my social media business that leaves them with a good feeling. That’s not a bad thing.

Pictures are simply profound. They are powerful. Whether you live in Halifax, Dartmouth, Toronto or elsewhere, use pictures to help your business. It will really make a difference 🙂