I have done a lot of social media training for business in Halifax and Dartmouth over the last four years. I have even had the pleasure to deliver some social media training in Toronto for police chiefs across Canada. As I look back on all I have done, creating referrals for my business and for other businesses really demonstrates to me that social media does have a return on investment for business. It’s not just snake oil used by others to generate their own revenue. It works.

My latest referral comes from Craig Snow. Craig’s nickname is the “Snow Man”, just in case you are wondering. Craig is an award-winning Realtor® with RE/MAX nova in Halifax. As a matter of fact, Craig in one of the top guys in the world for commercial real estate. I had the pleasure of training Craig a while back in a Workplace Education program entitled: Essential social media skills for business leaders“. We remained connected over time through Facebook. Craig shared some great content, and I would usually like what he had to say, or inject a bit of humor as a comment. He’s a Leaf fan through and through 🙂

A few days ago, he was speaking with a big commercial client and the conversation turned to social media. Craig shared how the social media training at RE/MAX nova had helped them generate new business leads. He also talked about me and the training that I had delivered to RE/MAX. The Vice President was extremely interested. So Craig contacted me and made the referral. Long story short, it does pay to be on social media and stay connected to people who can refer your business to others. Those short interactions with Craig resulted in a business referral.

So what does this show us? It pays to stay on the radar of those people you already know. They know what you can do and how you can help others. You should never neglect those whom you are already connected with. It’s great to add new friends and increase your reach. But your best chance for new business referral comes from those you are already connected with. Make sure you spend some time staying on their radar by connecting and saying “Hi” every now and then. It will pay off.

And by the way, please make sure you say thanks. Who knows, they might do it again. That would be really great for your business. “Thanks Craig Snow” 🙂

And by the way, if you need a commercial real estate agent that knows his stuff, look no further than Craig Snow. He’s not an award-winning agent for nothing. Here are his connect points:

So be encouraged. You can create business referrals using social media in Halifax, Dartmouth, Toronto and anywhere else. Just deliver some outstanding results and stay connected with those you have done business with. It pays.

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