Should I post all business all the time on my social media? Here’s a video I created for my Halifax social media participants to help them make their business social media posting more effective and engaging.

This blog post actually resulted from a question that a friend asked me a while ago. They had a client who wanted to post 100% about their business on social media.

I generally recommend a 20/80 rule – 20% business and 80% industry and interesting stuff.

If you go 100% business with your posting, you will not leave room for conversations, fun sharing moments and interesting articles that can encourage and inform.

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Consider this, we would not be 100% business in a networking group face to face with people. There has to be some time given for chit chat that can work into business. If this is true, why would we think that social media would be any different. It’s those lighter conversational moments that really lead into opportunities. Sometimes people just want to see what you are made of before they move ahead in business.

Conversations can start so many great things. Personally, I sometimes think people see social media as “Not In Real Life“, and relegate it to a time slot; or as part of their PUSH marketing efforts.

Social media needs to flow throughout the day naturally, just as you would in conversations with people you meet out on the street. There needs to be a natural flow throughout the day with others. Just because someone is not physically in front of you does not make that effort any less important or less meaningful. A conversation is a conversation. It can have value anywhere.

So we need to let people see our human side on social media. We need to let them see something about us that will help them relate to us better.

Sure there will be time for business and “Want to buy a house?”; but not all the time. That gets pretty boring when it comes to constant social media posting around business. Allow people to get to know you better, and they might LIKE what they experience. That’s a good thing for your business.

Here’s to a great day of business for you. Get out there and create a great conversation.