Much of our business can be the result of a conversation we had with someone. Do not despise the days of small talk. Here’s a learning moment for my Halifax social media participants to help them get a great appreciation for talking to others.

Business never usually starts with… “Want to buy a house?” Most business opportunities start from simple conversations around the every aspects of life. We start by saying “Hi” and see where things go.

It is important for business owners to see chit chat on social media in the same way. We should not TAKE our social media out of the box, USE it and PUT it away like many people do. Conversations are necessary for creating “Top of mind” and “Opportunity”.

Social media needs to flow, just as conversations need to flow throughout the day. Don’t see social media conversations as something you HAVE to do. See them as something you GET to do. Think of your social media as a chance to have some conversations that can go some where. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

I tried this with Vanessa several days ago, and I ended up on her radio show. Kind of like Peter Sellers in “Being There”. Right place and right time.

So take some time on social media to say “Hi”. You do not know where it will take you. Just think what great things you can do in Halifax, and elsewhere, with your social media..